Bright Beautiful Smile Custom Teeth Whitening Treatments 

Treatment Details

45-60 minute custom, pain free professional teeth whitening session plus a 2 ml. take home kit.  With both of these applications results can last up to 1 year & 4 shades lighter. 

You will choose from:

  • Pure 100% chemical free, vegan and organic gel. Perfect for those with sensitive tissue and enamel, safe for teens, nursing moms, pregnant women, or just those who live a chemical free lifestyle. 
  • High performance gel, it’s our strong gel version and is recommended for 16+ years of age, with minimal to moderate cold sensitivity, good oral health, moderate enamel staining and anterior composite fillings. 

How much of a difference will I see?

It’s hard to say, as everyone is different. Usual results are 4-10 shades brighter, sometimes more! We do guarantee results, we just cannot predict how much.