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Procedure Time30-45 min.
Risks & ComplicationsSwelling, bruising, tenderness, numbness
AnaestheticNone required
​Treatment Plan2- 4 sessions, 1 month apart
Treatment RecoverySwelling: 2 weeks+ 
CostApprox. $1100-$1,800 per treatment

We offer Belkyra™ injections at our Medispa, performed only by our trained and qualified physician. 

Belkyra™ was released in Canada in 2016 as a new way to get rid of chin fat (referred to medically as submental fullness). In fact, it’s the only method approved by Health Canada for getting rid of a double chin without surgery. In the United States, this product goes under the name Kybella®, and is FDA approved.

This injectable prescription is made of deoxycholic acid – a substance naturally found in our bodies. In essence, it ‘dissolves’ fat cells that cause the ‘double chin’ look.

BELKYRA™ is administered by injections into the fat under the chin, customized to the aesthetic treatment goals of the patient.

Many clients experienced visible results in two to four treatments depending on the amount of fat to be dissolved. Once the aesthetic response is achieved, retreatment is not expected as the fat cells are permanently destroyed.

There are usually no side effects beyond bruising and swelling from the treatment that will require any recovery time. You’ll be able to walk out immediately after the treatment is over. You should expect minor soreness in the injection spots, some bruising and swelling, but usually not enough that you’ll have difficulty moving your neck or head.

Sometimes, extra chin fat is caused by genetics and age, not weight. So, this issue can be hard to solve without medical-grade intervention. You could be doing everything bright, yet still not see your double chin go away. It is far from true that this problem only occurs on overweight people. That’s where Belkyra™ comes in.

Belkyra™ is one of many non-invasive solutions we offer for contouring the face, and getting rid of unwanted fat.

Contact us for a consultation to see if Belkyra is right for you!